Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Colour blue - Colore azzurro ‍- नीला रंग

Blue puppets, Delhi, India - Images by Sunil Deepak
Blue beads, Delhi, India - Images by Sunil Deepak
Blue vases, Delhi, India - Images by Sunil Deepak

Delhi, India: At Dilli Haat market, that day I had decided on blue colour, so I had to click a picture of everything that was blue. Today's images have 3 examples from that day.

दिल्ली, भारतः दिल्ली हाट में उस दिन मैंने नीला रंग चुना था, यानि हर नीली वस्तु की तस्वीर खींचनी थी. आज की तस्वीरों में उसी के तीन नमूने.

Delhi, India: Al mercato di Dilli Haat, quel giorno avevo scelto il colore azzurro, per cui dovevo scattare una foto di ogni cosa azzurra. Le immagini di oggi hanno 3 esempi da quel giorno.



  1. Replies
    1. Indian markets are so colourful, so getting a riot of colours is easy! :)

      Thanks Sabyasachi :)

  2. Replies
    1. World has so many gradations of each colour and for majority of them we do not have a specific name!

      Thanks Arun :)

  3. अंतिम चित्र बड़ा ही वाइब्रेंट लग रहा है...

    1. शायद बीच के एक लाल मटके से बाकी के नीले रंग चटक गये हैं. :)

      धन्यवाद प्रशांत


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