Thursday, 13 March 2014

Giant statues - Statue giganti - भीमकाय मूर्तियाँ

Giant statue - Gengis Khan from Mongolia - images by Sunil Deepak, 2008
Giant statue - Liberty from USA - images by Sunil Deepak, 2012
Giant statue - Basvanna from India - images by Sunil Deepak, 2013

Today's images have 3 giant statues from 3 countries - Gengis Khan from Mongolia, Liberty from USA and Basvanna from India.

आज की तस्वीरों में तीन भीमकाय मूर्तियाँ तीन देशों से - मँगोलिया से चँगेज़ खान, अमरीका से स्वतंत्रता और भारत से बासवन्ना.

Le immagini di oggi hanno 3 statue giganti da tre paesi - Gengis Khan dalla Mongolia, Libertà dall'America e Basvanna dall'India.



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