Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Lake - Lago - झील

Klagenfurt lake, Austria
Klagenfurt lake, Austria
Klagenfurt lake, Austria

Austria, Klagenfurt: Beautiful lake surrounded by green and snow covered mountains in the distance, it would have been perfect had it been a little less sunny and hot!

आस्ट्रिया, क्लागनफर्टः सुंदर झील, आसपास हरियाली और दूर चमकते बर्फ़ीले पहाड़, बस थोड़ी धूप कम होती तो अच्छा होता.

Austria, Klagenfurt: Bel lago, circondato dal verde e le montagne coperte di neve in distanza, sarebbe stato perfetto se fosse un po' meno soleggiato e caldo!


  1. किस ग्रह की तस्वीर है? प्रदूषण है ही नहीं.

    पहली वाली खास पसन्द आयी.


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