Monday, 28 April 2008

Balconey bridges - Balconi Ponti - बालकनी के पुल

जेनोवा, इटलीः जेनोवा पहाड़ियों वाला शहर है जिसका फायदा वहाँ के बहुमँजिली इमारतों में रहने वाले उठाते हैं. यानि अगर आप आठवीं या दसवीं मंज़िल पर रहते हों और आप के घर के स्तर पर पीछे पहाड़ी पर सड़क जाती हो तो क्यों न अपनी बालकनी से पुल बना कर सीधा पहाड़ी की सड़क पर ही उतरा जाये? अगर आप शहर में घूमते समय आँखें ऊपर रखें तो कितने ही इस तरह के बालकनी के पुल दिख जायेंगे.

Genova, Italy: Since Genova is fullof high rise buildings and hills, often you can have roads at different levels, passing close to the top floors of one of the buildings. People have bridges that connect their balconies to these roads so that they don't need to go down to the main door of their buildings and go out straight into the street.

Genova, Italia: La città è piena di case alte di 8-10 piani ed è piena anche di colline. Così succede spesso che il balcone di un apartamento si trovi vicino alla strada che va sulla collina. In questi casi, si costruicono ponti che collegano i balconi delle case alle strade.


  1. बहुत सुंदर तस्वीरें हैं.

  2. Sunder !

    But in Himachal you need to seek permission from authorities for such small bridges, which no one seeks and no autority gives either :)

  3. Pranay, I am sure that in Italy also you need permission but perhaps in that city they give it easily specially if you show that stairs-bridge will not be only for you but can be used by public!


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