Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Mobile photography - Fotografia con cellulare - मोबाइल फोटोग्राफ़ी

Mobile photography, Guwahati, Assam, India - Images by Sunil Deepak
Mobile photography, Bologna, Italy - Images by Sunil Deepak
Mobile photography, Gaza, Palestine - Images by Sunil Deepak

The cameras in the mobile telephones have brought out the photographers in all of us. This is the subject of today's images and they are from Guwahati (Assam, India), Bologna (Italy) and Gaza (Palestine).

मोबाइल में लगे कैमरों ने सबको फोटोग्राफ़र बना दिया है. आज की तस्वीरों का यही विषय है और यह तस्वीरें हैं गुवाहाटी (असम, भारत), बोलोनिया (इटली) तथा गाज़ा (फिलिस्तीन) से.

Le macchine fotografiche nei telefono cellulari hanno fatto emergere i fotografi in tutti noi. E' questo il soggetto delle immagini di oggi e le foto sono da Guwahati (Assam, India), Bologna (Italia) e Gaza (Palestina).



  1. With a camera phone in hand, every person is a photographer :) Loved the candid captures!

    1. I prefer my SLR, but I understand those who prefer to use their smartphones! Thanks Anks

  2. :) :) This is a really great post..

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed it Prashant! Thanks :)


  3. और तस्वीरें सच में शानदार हैं !!


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