Friday, 17 July 2009

Hands - Mani - हाथ

सन ज्योवान्नी इन पेरसिचेत्तो, इटलीः जर्मन मूल के शिल्पकार वोल्फगंग अलेक्ज़ांडर कोसुथ मुझे बहुत अच्छे लगते हैं. शिल्पकार बनने से पहले वह सँगीतकार थे और वायलिन बजाते थे. उनके शिल्प में भी सँगीत की लय दिखती है. प्रस्तुत हैं उनकी कुछ मूर्तियों के हाथ.

San Giovanni in Persicetto, Italy: I like the works of Wolfgang Alexander Kossuth, a sculptor of German origin. Before being a sculptor, Wolfgang was a musician and played violin. I feel that his scultures have a musical harmony. Here are some "hands" from his sculptures.

San Giovanni in Persicetto, Italia: Mi piacciono i lavori di Wolfgang Alexander Kossuth, uno scultore di orgine tedesche. Prima di diventare scultore, Wolfgang era un musicista e suonava violino. Anche nelle sue sculture, mi sembra di intravvedere le armonie musicali. In queste foto presento alcune "mani" dalle sculture di Wolfgang.


  1. संगमरमर की है? फिर इतनी नीली क्यों है?

    शिल्प सुन्दर है. वास्तविक लगते हैं.

  2. I visited your pages after a long long time and that's why I did spend a long long time on your pics.

    Every pic is beautiful as usual and above all your small descriptions with each set of pics are simply like "ghaghar main sagar".

    Please keep it up !


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