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Dinosaur egg - Uova di dinosauro - डायनोसोर के अँडे

Malaysia pavilion, Expo 2015, Milan, Italy - Images by Sunil Deepak
Malaysia pavilion, Expo 2015, Milan, Italy - Images by Sunil Deepak
Malaysia pavilion, Expo 2015, Milan, Italy - Images by Sunil Deepak

Milan, Italy: At the World Expo 2015, architects have tried to come with innovative designs so that their pavilions may look different from those of other countries. Like the Malaysia pavilion. When I saw it, I asked myself, what did it represent? My first thought was that perhaps the architect had seen "Jurassic Park" and was inspired by the dinosaur eggs? I also thought of Gulliver's travels where he finds himself in the land of the giants, perhaps the hens of that giant-land laid big eggs like this? Actually they have explained that its inspiration comes from seeds, that the natural forces spread from one place to another in the forests.

मिलान, इटलीः विश्व एक्स्पो 2015 की प्रदर्शनी में आरकिटेक्टों ने  अपनी कल्पना से खोज खोज कर नये वास्तुशिल्प के डिज़ाइन सोचे हैं जिनसे उनकी पेविलियन अन्य देशों से भिन्न लगे. ऐसी ही पेवेलियन है मलेशिया की. पहली बार देखा तो सोचा कि क्या बनाया गया है? पहला विचार मन में आया कि इसके आरकिटेक्ट ने "जुरास्सिक पार्क" फ़िल्म देखी थी और शायद डायनोसोर के अँडों से प्रेरणा ली है? फ़िर मन में गुलिवर की कहानी आयी जिसमें वह भीमकाय लोगों के देश में जाता है, शायद वहाँ की मुर्गियों के अँडे भी ऐसे ही बड़े लगते होंगे? पेविलियन के बाहर लिखा है कि इसकी प्रेरणा उन बीजों से मिली हैं, जिन्हें प्रकृति जँगल में इधर से उधर बिखार देती है.

Milano, Italia: Al Expo 2015, gli architetti hanno cercanto i disegni più innovativi affinché i loro padiglioni siano diversi da quelli degli altri paesi. Come il padiglione della Malaysia. Quando làho visto, mi sono chiesto che cosa rappresentava? Il mio primo pensiero era che forse l'architetto aveva visto "Giurassic park" ed era stato ispirato dalle uova dei dinosauri nel film. Poi ho pensato alla fiaba dei viaggi di Gulliver dove lui si trova nel paese dei giganti, forse le galline di quella terra potevano fare delle uova giganti come queste? In verità, hanno spiegato che questo disegno è stato ispirato dai semi, che le forze della natura spostano da un posto all'altro nella foresta.



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    1. Yes indeed Brendan, it is always interesting to see how so many diverse things can inspire people! :)


  2. ब्लॉग बुलेटिन की आज की बुलेटिन, मेरा भारत महान - ब्लॉग बुलेटिन , मे आपकी पोस्ट को भी शामिल किया गया है ... सादर आभार !

    1. धन्यवाद शिवम ब्लाग बुलेटिन में छायाचित्रकार को जगह देने के लिए

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    1. It is puzzle this cryptic comment and though I tried, could not make sense out of it can't be new york city can it be? Thanks anyway Su-man :)


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