Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Old - Vecchio - पुरानी

Old typewriter, Goias Velho, Brazil - S. Deepak, 2011
Old sewing machine, Goias Velho, Brazil - S. Deepak, 2011
Old cash machine, Goias Velho, Brazil - S. Deepak, 2011

Goias Velho, Brazil: When I look at old things that we used till few decades ago, makes me a little sad. If I could, I would never throw away the old things, I would keep them with care.

गोयास वेल्यो, ब्राज़ीलः पुरानी चीज़ें जिनका उपयोग कुछ दशक पहले तक होता था, उन्हे देख कर मेरा मन थोड़ा उदास हो जाता है. मेरा बस चले तो मैं सब पुरानी चीज़ें सम्भाल के रख लूँ.

Goias Velho, Brasile: Vedere le vecchie cose si usavano fino a qualche decennio fa mi fanno sentire un po' triste. Se posso, non butterei via niente di vecchio, terrei tutto con cura.



  1. पुरानी चीजें भी अजीब चीज हैं…सँभालकर रखने का मन भी होता है और उसे इस्तेमाल न करके आदमी नयी खरीद लाता है…

  2. वक्त ने किया क्या हसीं सितम...

  3. I Love these things..thanks a ton for the pictures

  4. Ahh after looking at those picture,I am missing our old Sewing Machine and Crown B & W TV :(..Thanks 4 Sharing :)

  5. oh, I never saw the old cash machine, was not aware such things existed ; thnx ! well, yes old things to tempt to carry their elongated existence with us ...

  6. love the title...

  7. they look so old even though i have seen all of these in use in my 30 years on this planet. how fast things have changed


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