Saturday, 6 May 2006

Setting sun and the fountain - डूबता सूरज और फुव्वारा

Cairo, Egypt, May 2006: Al Azhar park on the hill facing the Cittadel overlooks the skyline of old Cairo with many minarets of mosques rising up in the sky. The cool greens of the grass and the plants contrasts with the hot fire of desert colours all around.

Al Azhar was a garbage dump for many centuries, now with the small lake, toy train and fancy restaurants, that old garbage probably serves as fertilizer for the lovely flowers all around. Here is the fountain in the middle of the lake caught with the evening sun.

The next is the lobby of Grand Hyatt hotel and the evening view of Nile.

कैरो, मिस्र, मई 2006: ऊपर वाली तस्वीर में है कैरो के अल अजहर बाग में डूबते सूरज के साथ फुव्वारे की बौछार और नीचे है, नील नदी के किनारे बने ग्राँड हयात होटल की लोबी से नदी का भव्य दृष्य.

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