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Achille's heel - Tallone di Achille - एकिलिस की ऐड़ी

Thetis & Achilles by Thomas Banks - images by Sunil Deepak, 2010
Thetis & Achilles by Thomas Banks - images by Sunil Deepak, 2010
Thetis & Achilles by Donato Creti - images by Sunil Deepak, 2010

In a Greek myth a water nymph called Thetis dips her son Achilles in the sacred waters of river Styx so that no weapon can hurt his body. However, her son's heel that she was holding, remains untouched by the water and in the end, Achilles dies when an arrow hits that heel. Today's images tell this story in a sculpture and in a painting. The sculpture is by eighteenth century artist Thomas Banks from the V&A museum of London and the painting is by seventeenth century artist Donato Creti from the municipal art museum of Bologna, Italy.

यवनी मिथक कथा में जलपरी थेटिस अपने बेटे एकिलिस को स्टाईक्स नदी के पवित्र पानी में नहला देती है ताकि उसके शरीर पर किसी अस्त्र का असर न हो सके. पर बच्चे की वह ऐड़ी जहाँ उसका हाथ था, जल को नहीं छूती और अन्त में एकिलिस की मृत्यू उसी ऐड़ी में तीर लगने से होती है. आज की तस्वीरों में यह कहानी शिल्पकला और चित्रकला के रूपों में. शिल्पकला लँडन के एल्बर्ट व विक्टोरिया संग्रहालय से जिसे अठाहरवीं शताब्दी में थोमस बैन्क्स ने बनाया था और चित्रकला बोलोनिया इटली के नगरपालिका संग्रहालय से जिसे सतारहवीं शताब्दी में दोनातो क्रेती  ने बनाया था.

Secondo un mito greco, la ninfa Teti bagna il suo figlio Achille nelle sacre acque del fiume Stige affinché il suo corpo non può essere colpito da nessuna arma. Ma il tallone del bambino che lei tiene in mano non è bagnato dalle acque e alla fine Achille morirà colpito da una freccia in quel tallone. Le immagini di oggi raccontano questa storia in una scultura e in un quadro. La scultura è del artista Thomas Banks del diciottesimo secolo dal museo V&A di Londra, mentre il quadro è del artista Donato Creti del diciassettesimo secolo dal museo municipale dell'arte di Bologna.



  1. Thanks for sharing this... Similar to lord Krishna's story right?

    1. Thanks Preethi for reminding about the lord Krishna story - I think that he was cursed during the Mahabharata war and was killed when an arrow hit him on the heel .. I had not thought about that! :)


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