Friday, 27 December 2013

Musician angels - Angeli musicisti - संगीतकार देवदूत

Musician Angels, Vicenza, Italy - images by Sunil Deepak, 2013
Musician Angels, Vicenza, Italy - images by Sunil Deepak, 2013
Musician Angels, Vicenza, Italy - images by Sunil Deepak, 2013

Vicenza, Italy: When I had seen the delicate looking musician angels in the roadside christmas market, I had been unable to stop myself. They had packed it carefully, still when I had reached home, I had discovered that its arm was broken. At least I had clicked some pictures of those statues that day! Every time something like this happens, I remember all the things bought during visits that were broken during the journeys. I still feel the regret for the breaking of a teapot I had bought in China.

विचेन्ज़ा, इटलीः सड़क के किनारे लगे क्रिसमस बाज़ार में उन नाज़ुक से संगीतकार देवदूतों को देखा तो स्वयं को रोक नहीं पाया. बहुत सम्भाल कर कागज़ में लपेट कर पैक करवाया था, फ़िर भी घर आ कर देखा कि उसकी बाजू टूट गयी थी. यह तो अच्छा हुआ कि उस समय कुछ तस्वीरें भी खींची थीं. जब भी ऐसा होता है तो पिछली यात्राओं में खरीदी वह सारी चीज़ें याद आ जाती हैं जो यात्रा में ही टूट जाती हैं! चीन में खरीदी एक केतली के टूटने का दुख अब भी मन में कटोचता है.

Vicenza, Italia: Quando avevo visto quegli angeli musicisti nel mercatino di natale lungo la strada, non ero riuscito a trattenermi. L'avevano avvolto bene con la carta ma ciò nonostante, quando ero arrivato a casa, avevo trovato che suo braccio si era rotto. Almeno avevo scattato alcune foto di quegli angeli. Ogni volta succede questo, ripenso a tutte le cose comprate durante le visite che si erano rotte durante i viaggi. Sento ancora il rimpianto per la rottura di una teiera comprata in Cina.


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