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Contemporary art - Arte contemporanea - समसामयिक कला

Contemporary art museum villa croce, Genoa, Italy - S. Deepak, 2013
Contemporary art museum villa croce, Genoa, Italy - S. Deepak, 2013
Contemporary art museum villa croce, Genoa, Italy - S. Deepak, 2013

Genoa, Italy: One of the objectives of art is to stimulate new sensations. Look at the three examples of modern art from the Contemporary Art Museum of "Villa Croce" in Genoa and tell me which one stimulates new sensations in you? Personally, I was shocked by the phrase in the first image that "poetry is irrelevant" and it made me think. So tell me, what is the importance of poetry?

जेनोवा, इटलीः कला का एक ध्येय है कि आप को नयी अनुभूति देना. जेनेवा के "विल्ला क्रोचे" नाम के समसामयिक कला संग्रहालय से कला के इन तीन नमूनों को देखिये और बताईये कि आप को किस कला से नयी अनूभूति मिली? मुझे पहली तस्वीर के वाक्य कि "कविता महत्वहीन है" ने चौंका दिया और सोचने पर विवश किया. बताईये, कविता का क्या महत्व है?

Genova, Italia: Uno degli obiettivi dell'arte è di stimolare nuove sensazioni. Guardate i tre esempi dell'arte moderna dal museo dell'arte contemporanea Villa Croce di Genova e ditemi se una di queste vi stimola nuove sensazioni? Personalmente, ero scioccato dalla frase nella prima immagine che "poesia è irrilevante". Vuoi cosa pensate, a cosa serve la poesia?



  1. I thinks it's pretty subjective. In that sense - when different things could be irrelevant to different people at different time - the phrase
    is true, especially in places where poets with their poetry paved way for genocides like Goebbels anesthetized entire population against
    Nazism and Nazi science. When that's true, Art (like science, religion, so on) can be an instrument for evil as well as good.

    1. Wow, thanks for the very profound answer to my question. Personally I feel that poetry represents (or can represent) profound human emotions, so all of it can't be irrelevant.

      I am not sure about your example of Goebbels. If poetry did pave the pave for his genocide then it was not irrelevant, it was relevant in a negative way.

      I am still thinking about it :) Thanks Minimalust.

  2. कविता महत्वहीन है यह बात कविता में कही जाती तो मजा आता :)

    दुसरा शिल्प अस्ति-पिंजर का अधुनिक कला-नमुना लगा.

    तिसरा शिल्प कोई लोगो जैसा है. वैसे महिला के हाथ कुछ थामें हुए है ऐसा भी लगता है.

  3. सँजय, असली बात है कि आधुनिक कला से तुम्हें क्या अनुभूति होती है, इसलिए उसमें जो तुम्हें दिखे वही सच है! (मैं तो तीसरी वाली में तुम्हारी महिला को खोज रहा हूँ :))


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