Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Garden - Giardino - बाग

Purple & blood red tulips, New York
Purple & blood red tulips, New York
Purple & blood red tulips, New York

New York, USA: Near the city hall, a gardner had expressed his creativity by filling a tiny garden with unusual colours - tulips in yellow, purple and blood red.

न्यू योर्क, अमरीकाः सिटी हाल के पास एक छोटे से बाग में माली ने अपनी सृजनता को असमान्य रंगों से रचा था - पीले, जामुनी और रक्तिम लाल रंगों के ट्यूलिप फ़ूलों से.

Nuova York, Stati Uniti: Vicino il City Hall, un giardiniere aveva espresso la sua creatività creando un piccolo giardino di colori non comuni - tulipani in giallo, viola e rosso sangue.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks DeViL :), I personally like the dark red ones much more

  2. beautiful--I miss tulips so much--used to see the grow in my best friend's garden and buy them at the shop for my vase...this makes me nostalgic...

    1. Somehow I never wanted tulips in a vase at home, I always preferred them in the gardens :) I am happy that my pictures brought back pleasant memories for you!


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