Thursday, 21 April 2011

Chameleon - Camaleonte - गिरगिट

Chameleon, Horahalli, Karnataka, India, image by S. Deepak
Chameleon, Horahalli, Karnataka, India, image by S. Deepak
Chameleon, Horahalli, Karnataka, India, image by S. Deepak

Karnataka, India: Chameleons are known for their ability to change colours but they also have other peculiarities. Such as their long tongues, that sometimes can be longer than their whole body and their protruding eyes that move independently of each other. The chameleon in the pictures above, didn't seem afraid of me and didn't move but when I went too close to it, it turned its throat red and blew it out.

कर्णाटक, भारतः गिरगिट रंग तो बदलता ही है, इसकी अन्य भी कुछ विषेशताएँ होती हैं, जैसी की लम्बी जीभ जो कभी पूरे गिरगिट से भी लम्बी हो सकती है और दो अलग अलग घूमने वाली आँखें जो दोनो ओर अलग देख सकती हैं. जिस गिरगिट की तस्बीरें हैं वह मुझसे थोड़ा सा भी नहीं घबरा रहा था, पर जब मैं बहुत करीब गया तो उसने अपने गले को लाल करके फ़ुला लिया.

Karnataka, India: Camaleonti sono conosciuti per la loro abilità di cambiare colore, ma hanno altre caratteristiche particolari. Come la lunga lingua che alle volte può essere più lunga di tutto il loro corpo e gli occhi sporgenti che possono muovere indipendentemente l'uno dall'altro. Il camaleonte nelle immagini sopra, non sembrava di avere paura di me e non si è mosso, ma quando mi sono avvicinato molto allora la sua gola è diventata rossa e si è gonfiata.



  1. सुनहरा गिरगिट. दुसरी तस्वीर पसन्द आई.

  2. Once I got a chance to watch a Chameleon for a long time it was amazing how it changed its color to concrete after climbing the foot path from grass.. Lovely pictures

    1. Yes, chameleons are truely amazing but then in nature, as you focus on something, you realize how amazing everything is!:)

      Thanks Farila.


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