Friday, 2 May 2008

Lugo's Pilot - Pilota di Lugo - लूगो का पायलेट

लूगो, इटलीः कल एक मई को कामगार दिवस की राष्ट्रीय छुट्टी थी, हम लोग घूमने निकल पड़े. यात्रा का एक पड़ाव था लूगो नाम का छोटा सा शहर जहाँ सन 1202 में बना हुआ किला है और किले के साथ ही प्रथम महायुद्ध में बहादुरी के लिए स्वर्ण पदक पाने वाला लुगो में पैदा हुए पायलेट फ्राँचेस्को बाराक्का का स्मारक है.

Lugo, Italy: Yesterday 1st May was workers' day holiday and we went out for a trip. One of the stops on our trip was the small city of Lugo with a beautiful fort that was first built around 1202. Behind the fort is a memorial to Francesco Bracca an aviator who received gold medal for his valour in the first world war.

Lugo, Italia: Ieri, primo maggio era festa e siamo usciti per una gita. Una delle fermate della gita era la piccola ma graziosa citta di Lugo con la sua bella rocca, che avevano iniziato a costruire intorno al 1202. Dietro la rocca la piazza è dominata da questo memoriale a Francesco Bracca un avviatore della prima guerra mondiale.


  1. what makes it awesome is not the grandeur ,but the clean,neat surroundings.

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