Monday, 12 November 2007

Nomad's dance - Danza dei nomadi - यायावरों के नाच

बोलोनिया, इटलीः राजस्थानी खानाबदोशों का नृत्य दल आया था यहाँ, जिसका नाम था मुसाफ़िर. उनकी नवजवान नर्तकी सुबनी सपेरा ने अपने मनमोहक नृत्य से सब पर जादू सा कर दिया.

Bologna, Italy: A group of Rajasthani gypsy dancers called Musafir had come to the city. Their dancer, a young girl called Subni Sapera, wove a spell on all those who watched her dance.

Bologna, Italia: Un gruppo di danzatori nomadi del Rajasthan che si chiamava Musafir era in città. La loro danzatrice, una giovane ragazza di nome Subni Sapera ha catturato l'immaginazione di tutti quelli che la guardavano.

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  1. The third pic has come up really beautiful,magical and with divine look. The expressions of tabla player are soothing. Great Pics.

    Which camera are you using ?

    BTW Quattrocchi duck or ducking Quattrocchi is nice idea too :)


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