Monday, 19 November 2007

Colourful clothes - Vestiti colorati - रंग बिरंगी पौशाकें

दा ली, चीनः यी जनजाति की रंगबिरंगी पौशाकें

Da Li, China: The colourful dresses of Yi tribal groups

Da Li, Cina: I vestiti colorati dell'etnia Yi


  1. बहुत सुन्दर ! वृद्धाएँ तो कुछ कुछ भारतीय पर्वतीयों जैसी दिख रही हैं ।
    घुघूती बासूती

  2. Simply Beautiful.

    Totally agreeing with MM above, they remind me of Himcahali women with 'Kilta' on back and 'Dhadhu' on heads.

    Buddhist temple look so amazing. Colours attracts a lot. You are really lucky to be there to capture all these views of live.


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