Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Changing colours - बदलते रंग - Colori Mutevoli

दिल्ली, भारतः पत्थर पर धूप सेक रहे गिरगिट अपना रँग इस तरह से बदला कि ध्यान से न देखो तो दिखाई ही न दे!

Delhi, India: Chameleon soaking the winter sun had changed its colours in such a way that if you did not look carefully, you would miss it.

Delhi, India: Il cameleonte che si scaldava con i raggi del sole invernale, si era cambiato i colori e se non lo guardavi con attenzione, non lo potevi vedere.

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  1. OH Its really Catching... Its been great pleasure to see u r Blog 4 first time Thanku Mr.Sunil, Good Job!


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