Monday, 13 March 2006

Timeless, Eternal

Biplate village, Okhaldhunga, Nepal, February 2006: There is a certain timeless quality in the way the woman stands on the edge of the field, the deep furrows in the field matching the deep lines on her face, ready to fight the elements for the survival of her family.

Actually, Ridoma, the woman in the picture is no ordinary rural woman. She is vice-president of one of the women's federation and is an articulate person fighting for the right of women. That day, she was waiting for me to finish clicking pictures of children playing in the dirt. But in the picture she does look like the way described above - that is the way digital shadows can create illusion.

बिपलाटे गाँव, औखलढ़ुंगा जिला, नेपाल, फरवरी २००६: खेत के किनारे खड़ी नारी में मुझे एक समयविहीन शाश्वत्ता दिखती है. खेतों में काम में जुटी गाँव की औरतें हर जगह प्रकृति का सीना चीर कर परिवार चलाने ले लिए, पुरुषों के साथ कदम मिला कर काम करतीं हैं.

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