Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Night magic - Magia della notte - रात का जादू

Canals of Venice at night, Italy - S. Deepak, 2013
Canals of Venice at night, Italy - S. Deepak, 2013
Canals of Venice at night, Italy - S. Deepak, 2013

Venice, Italy: As the darkness came, lights were switched on and their reflections were dancing on the water of the city canals. The magic of the night made me feel as if I was not in a real city, but part of a world created by some painter.

वेनिस, इटलीः अँधेरा घिरने लगा तो रोशनियाँ जलने लगीं और उनकी परछाईयाँ शहर की नहरों में चमकने लगीं. रात के जादू से लगा मानो सचमुच के शहर में नहीं किसी चित्रकार की बनायी दुनिया के भीतर चल रहा हूँ.

Venezia, Italia: Con il buio, le luci si sono accese e le loro riflessioni danzavano sulla superficie dell'acqua dei canali della città. La magia della notte mi faceva sentire come non fosse parte di un mondo reale bensì dentro un mondo creato da un pittore.



  1. Replies
    1. Couldn't agree more about it being a lovely place - with Venice, anyone can take nice looking pictures :)

      Thanks Saikat

  2. Replies
    1. An understatment - it is one of a kind place :)

      Thanks Cifar

  3. That's really beautiful ! I had been to Venice and taken a lot of snaps but did not take night photos.
    I love Venice and your photos as well!

    1. It seems that only people forced to live in Venice, don't like it and they always talk of its negative points! :)

      Thanks Manisha


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