Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Finger - Dito - उँगली

Trieste waterfront - S. Deepak, 2011
Trieste waterfront - S. Deepak, 2011
Trieste waterfront - S. Deepak, 2011

Trieste, Italy: At the waterfront, a special place for walking like a finger going in the middle of the sea, and as you walk to the end of it, it feels as if you are standing in a boat.

त्रिएस्ते, इटलीः सागर तट पर घूमने के लिए एक विषेश जगह है जहाँ लगता है कि धरती की उँगली सागर के बीच तक घुस गयी है, उसके अंत में पहुँचो तो लगता है कि आप भी सागर के बीच में एक नाव में खड़े हैं.

Trieste, Italia: Al lungomare, uno dei posti speciali per la passeggiata è quel lembo di terra che sembra un dito in mezzo all'acqua, e mentre fai questa passeggiata, ti sembra di essere su una nave.



  1. तीसरी तस्वीर में नीला पानी व आकाश.. लगता ही नहीं इस दुनिया का है... बहुत सुन्दर

  2. bhagwan ji bhi gazab ki shading triks khelte hain... neeche bhi neela oopar bhi neela... :)
    bas shades zara se alag-alag hain...
    beautiful pics, as always...

  3. pictures speaks a lot :) awesome snaps :)

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  5. Awesome.. The last one sounds like a painting.. :)

    Wordless Wednesday with Liya

  6. when it comes to sea I say 'water water everywhere but not a single drop to drink'; but now u make me say 'water water everywhere, I would love to sail through it'.............

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