Monday, 3 January 2011

Tree - Albero - वृक्ष

Christmas tree near cathedral of Florence, Italy
Christmas tree near cathedral of Florence, Italy
Christmas tree near cathedral of Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy: It seems that the costume of keeping and decorating pine trees for christmas, came from northern Europe and has now spread to all over the world. In India, certain trees such as Tulsi, Banyan and Piple are considered sacred. I have seen people praying to trees in Africa also. I think that all these costumes, reflect the close relationship between humans and the nature from prehistoric times. Todays' images are of the christmas tree in front of cathedral of Florence.

फ्लोरेंस, इटलीः कहते हैं कि क्रिसमस के अवसर पर घर में चीड़ के पेड़ लगाने और सजाने का तरीका उत्तरी यूरोप से आया और सारे विश्व में फ़ैल गया. भारत में भी तुलसी, बरगद और पीपल जैसे पेड़ पौधों को पूजनीय माना जाता है, अफ्रीका में भी वृक्ष पूजा देखी है, शायद यह रीतियाँ हमारे आदिमानव समय से मानव तथा प्रकृति के पुराने सम्बन्धों के समय से ही चली आ रही हैं. आज की तस्वीरों में फ्लोरेंस के कैथेड्रल के सामने लगा लाल बन्दनवारों से सजा क्रिसमस का वृक्ष.

Firenze, Italia: Sembra che il costume di tenere e decorare gli alberi per natale è venuto dal nord Europa e ora si è esteso in tutto il mondo. Anche in India, alcuni alberi come Tulsi, Baniano e Pipal sono considerati sacri. Ho visto le preghiere agli alberi anche in Africa. Penso che tutti questi costumi sono continuati dai tempi preistorici, quando i rapporti tra esseri umani e la natura erano diversi. Le immagini di oggi presentano l'albero di natale davanti al Duomo di Firenze.


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