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Identities - Identità - पहचान

GLBT Pride Parade, Delhi India - S. Deepak, 2009
GLBT Pride Parade, Delhi India - S. Deepak, 2009
GLBT Pride Parade, Delhi India - S. Deepak, 2009

Delhi, India: There are so many ways to classify our identities - names, castes, gender, age, skin colour, height, citizenship, etc. Among all these, I think that the sexual identities are the most difficult because if you go out of the boundaries of heterosexuality, for most persons it may mean hiding in the dark and shame, leaving your family or even being victims of crimes and violence. Today's images are from Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender pride parade of Delhi.

दिल्ली, भारतः कितने तरीके हैं हमारी पहचान को बाँटने के - नाम, जाति, लिंग, आयू, वर्ण, कद, नागरिकता आदि. शायद उन सब तरीकों में से यौन पहचान सबसे अधिक कठिन है क्योंकि इसमें विषमलैंगिकता के दायरे के बाहर जाने का अर्थ अधिकतर लोगों के लिए अँधेरे और शर्म से छुपने, परिवार से दूर होने या फ़िर अपराधों और हिँसा का शिकार होने से जुड़ जाता है. आज की तस्वीरें दिल्ली की समलैंगिक, द्वीलैंगिक तथा अंतरलैंगिक गर्व परेड से.

Delhi, India: Vi sono tanti modi di classificare le nostre identità - nomi, caste, genere, età, coloure della pelle, altezza, cittadinanza, ecc. Tra tutti questi, penso che la questione delle identità sessuali sia tra le più difficili perché se vai fuori dai limiti dell'eterosessualità, per maggior parte delle persone ciò significa vivere al buio e nella vergogna, essere allontanati dalle famiglie o essere vittime di crimini e violenze. Le immagini di oggi sono dalla parata dell'orgoglio GLBT di Delhi.



  1. Thanks for all the comments. I hope that their fight for human dignity will become stronger and more moments like the GLBT parade, when they can come out can be there.

  2. LGBT will have a tough time making an identity in India... an identity which is widely accepted keeping in view how diverse and difficult India can be at so many levels.

    I don't understand this phenomena. You may call me one with a conservative approach but I don't get it. I don't hate them but I don't consider them 'normal'. Too many 'don'ts', I'd be happy if I come to terms with this aspect of human sexuality.

    1. We all have our biases and prejudices. Saying it is the first step to stop these biases from dominating us.
      To be normal with very loud and in-your-face kind of persons is not easy, but actually most LGBT persons are ordinary, everyday kind of people who work with you, travel with you and are even friends, though they may be forced to keep part of themselves hidden.
      Being an immigrant and thus not being part of majority helps in understanding the plight of all the others who are excluded and discriminated by societies :)

    2. Thanx. I don't want to have biases and prejudices but I have also been conditioned all my life. You are right in that I have not had chances to know them well with their insides-out, no pun intended:)

      While in teenage, I lived in Bhopal and used to hear fanciful stories and narratives about some uncles living in our 'mohalla' who had strong liking for cute boys. Having no wisdom for such bizarre things, I was terrified at times, what if he catches me someday! Now it all seems too funny but my disliking for such persons has its root in those days 25 years back:) Hope it changes soon.

    3. I agree lot of our ideas are formed from our own experiences or from the things we hear! And, knowing people does help in seeing things differently. I think that my gay and lesbian friends had helped me in this. :)


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